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Ju-Ju-Be: Best Diaper Bag Ever

March 12, 2019

Being a mom and stepmom for the past seven years, I have lots of opinions about diaper bags. I’ve been through ALOT of them! I started with a shoulder bag and quickly changed to backpacks after realizing that although shoulder bags are cute and fashionable, they are soooooo inconvenient. As a mom, you need as many hands as you possibly can so a hands-free diaper bag is a MUST! Once I came to the realization that backpacks are the ONLY way to go, I soon became obsessed with Ju-Ju-Be’s line. These are hands-down my all-time favorite diaper bags. Some of my favorite features of their bags include:

  • Stain Resistant
  • Machine Washable
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Comfortable Straps
  • Insulated Bottle Pockets
  • Spacious
  • Easy to Stay Organized                

Below are my favorites and why…

Forever BackPack – Noir Rose Gold

This is my brand spanking new bag for my baby girl (due this spring), and I LOVE this bag. The main compartment has three open pockets, four gusseted pockets and one changing pad pocket. It also has a quick-each cell phone pocket, zipper side pockets and two insulated bottle pockets. Aside from the functionality, it’s gorgeous!!

Hatch – Gray Matter

My husband recently chose this as his ‘manly’ diaper bag. Personally, I’m not a huge hatch person, but my husband is and hence, why he chose the Hatch. Like all of their bags, it’s very organized with six mesh pockets and one zippered pocket in the main compartment. It also contains two insulated bottle pockets, microfiber glasses pocket, and a meshed diaper pad changing pocket. It’s definitely a clean, masculine-looking diaper bag with lots of organization and durability.

Be Right Back – The Monarch

This has been my go-to bag for the last three years. (We have two of them…one for me and one for my husband.) We have literally taken these everywhere and love the lightweight, number of pockets, and comfort with the padded straps. I can fit so much into this bag in an organized fashion, as this bag has the BEST pocket positioning and pocket sizes. In addition, this is an easily transitional adult travel bag when the kids are grown, as it doesn’t necessarily look like or scream “diaper bag.” I cannot recommend this one enough! LOVE IT!! I also have this one in the Black Ruby color which I enjoy just as much, (pictured below).

BFF Diaper Bag – Newport

I know I previously mentioned I am not a fan of shoulder diaper bags, but the BFF has the ability to transform from a messenger bag, backpack or tote bag with detachable, adjustable straps. Personally, I prefer the Be Right Back backpacks, but I do really enjoy this bag as well as I’ve gotten plenty of use out of it. It’s spacious, functional, and I love the pattern of this one.

No matter the bag, you can’t go wrong with Ju-Ju-Be. Their diaper bags, aside from the fabulous prints, are simply the most organized, high-quality, and functional I’ve found. I love the fact that they’re effortless to keep clean since they are easy to wipe down or machine wash. When mama life can get stressful and crazy, it’s nice to have products like a stress-free, organized diaper bag to help make diaper-changing and lugging around all of your little ones’ necessities on your back a little easier.


Favorite 2015 Baby & Toddler Products

December 17, 2015

Earlier this month, we had the great pleasure of attending the 2015 Secret Santa’s Workshop here in Los Angeles. It was a fun family day of photos with Santa, great activities for the kiddos, delicious food, learning about amazing new products, and supporting a great charity–the L.A. Family Housing. Bill Horn and Scout Masterson of Marque Communications did a phenomenal job putting on such an enjoyable and entertaining event! We’ve had some time to try out some of the amazing products we brought home that day. (It was an early Christmas for the Ribeiro family!) I wanted to share some of my favorites with you…

  1.  Ju-Ju-Be Monarch Diaper Bag. Prior to my new Ju-Ju-Be “The Monarch” Diaper Bag, my previous bags were never quite large enough for everything I needed, especially for two little ones. With my Ju-Ju-Be bag, I can fit everything I need with ease. Additionally, the special features truly make this the ultimate diaper bag. To name a few, it contains a memory foam changing pad, picture pocket to keep photos handy (or in my case, I’ve been currently putting the hard copies of Santa photos in there or polaroids from birthday parties), exterior insulated bottle packets, color-coded tabs to designate a pocket to each child, crumb drains, quiet magnets (no loud velcro!), a super-organized mommy pocket that is big enough to fit all of my needs, and it’s machine washable. Best. Diaper. Bag. Ever. Period.

Ju-Ju-Be The Monarch - Be Prepared

  1. Chatbooks. My son AJ is constantly trying to take my phone to look at photos of him and his siblings. Now he is perfectly happy taking one of our Chatbooks and flipping through it to see all of Daddy and Mommy’s Instagram photos in the past year. Essentially, Chatbooks is an easy and affordable way to keep your Instagram, Facebook or any phone photos in a book. Aside from that, they are great little entertainment books to add to the coffee table! Best yet, they’re only $8/per book!


  1. 4moms Origami Stroller & High Chair. Even though my favorite strollers have long been the Uppababy Vista and the Orbit (both for different reasons), there’s a new one that I am in absolutely in LOVE with! The Origami from 4moms opens and closes at the touch of a button. Yes, you read it right…you simply push a button! How much better could it get than that!? (My husband’s jaw literally dropped to the floor when he saw it work). But the impressive features don’t end there! The Origami includes a LCD dashboard (with thermometer, speedometer and trip odometers), four-wheel suspension, self-charging generators in the wheels, and pathway lights. It’s like a stroller straight out of an episode of The Jetson’s. Their highchair is just as revolutionary. The 4moms High Chair alleviates all of the challenges of most highchairs –or at least the ones that I’ve ever used. It has a seat insert (making it incredibly easy to clean), adjustable height with three different settings, magnetic tray top (making it easy to slide on and helps keep bowls in place minimizing a mess), and a removable tray liner that is dishwasher safe. Can you say “dream highchair?”

4moms Origami blue   Screen-Shot-2015-10-16-at-5.41.01-PM

  1. Mini2Go Micro Scooter. The Mini2Go is a rido-on that converts to a stand-up three-wheel scooter with a T-bar. It’s an indoor/outdoor ride as it has non-marking wheels. (Hallelujah!) In addition, while it’s in the ride-on phase, there is a drawer that slides in so that your toddler can put toys inside to bring along on a ride. AJ is on this day in and day out right now.


  1. Joovy Boob Baby Bottle. My 7-month old has been a bit of a stinker when it comes to taking a bottle. Whether it’s water or breastmilk in a bottle, it doesn’t matter to him. He ALWAYS prefers being nursed and will hold off for the ‘good stuff,’ even if it leaves him hungry. (It’s never fun when you’re on date night with the hubs or at an event and you get a text from the sitter saying “Anders won’t take his bottle…again.”) Since using the Boob Baby Bottle, Anders has been drinking from the bottle with no issues or fussing. AMAZING! I realize all babies are different with different preferences for bottles, but this has been a godsend for us! The nipple is designed to simulate natural breastfeeding. In addition, it keeps liquids at the desired temperature for longer periods of time with an insulator in the bottle. Very cool!


Some of my other favorites from the event: Orbit Baby Stroller (we’ve had ours for over a year now and love, love, LOVE it! The ease of this stroller with the carseat for Anders, and the protective covering on the handle bar for an ipad is awesome!), Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier, Modern Burlap (these swaddles/blankets have the BEST designs…my favorite is the world map design), Build-A-Bear (the holiday season reindeers they have are utterly adorable), Joovy’s Spoon Walker (Anders personal favorite), and Weangreen’s Modern Glass Storage (these are amazing recyclable material-glass baby food/whole family containers with the best lids ever)! Please let me know if there are any new products from this year that you love. I’m always intrigued with new baby products!