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My name is Angela Ribeiro and I am a wife, mother, stepmother, and SAHM living in Los Angeles. I have two wonderful little boys (AJ – born 10/27/13 & Anders – born 4/30/15), an exceptional stepdaughter (Sienna – 12), and the most amazing husband (Alfonso) who works as an actor/host/director. I write about being in the ‘two under two’ club, supporting my husband’s career in show business, the works of a blended family, our constant travel schedule, and simply trying to balance it all.

Born and raised in the Midwest, I grew up on a cattle and hog farm in rural Iowa. With two brothers on a farm, I was very much of a tomboy with our constant four-wheeler racing, water balloon fights in the hay barns, and our fearless attempts of riding the cattle like horses. It was an amazing experience to be raised on a farm. I credit my work ethic to the countless hours of feeding cattle, walking beans, and baling hay from a very early age.

Much of my childhood revolved around sports. I was super-active with basketball, volleyball, softball, track, gymnastics and springboard diving. I earned a springboard diving scholarship to Northwestern University in Evanston, IL where I graduated with a BA in Communication Studies. Soon after graduation, I moved to LA where I was offered stunt work opportunities that utilized my background as a diver and gymnast. Even though I had initially planned to stay in LA for only a few years before enrolling in grad school, I have now been here in La La Land for 13 years. I’ve worked as a screenwriter’s assistant, diving coach, and private jet flight attendant. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling the world – over 80 countries – during which I worked for presidents, royal families, and countless influential individuals ranging from Steve Jobs to Tom Cruise to the Director of the CIA. My passions are traveling, cooking, DIY projects, playing golf, working out, and spending quality time with my family.

I met my husband soon after New Year’s in 2010 through mutual friends, and we married two years later. I am extremely blessed to share my life with the most amazing man I’ve ever met. He is a hard-working, honest, incredibly romantic husband who always puts his marriage and family first. He is a hands-on daddy who, I must admit, has changed more diapers from our newborn in the past month than myself. We make an excellent team, and we are very proud of the family and life we continue to build together.

Motherhood has certainly been one of God’s greatest gifts in my life, as well as my favorite adventure. I’ve always held a great deal of reverence and respect for mothers, but since becoming a mom myself, my level of respect has increased by leaps and bounds. I am beyond grateful that I am able to be a SAHM for our children, and I have been loving every second of this magnificent ride in which I am learning as I go. It is truly the most demanding, challenging yet rewarding job that I am lucky enough to experience.

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