Prayers & Support For A Special Friend

January 21, 2016



I remember the moment my nearest and dearest friend told me the news that she had cancer. It was a couple of months ago and I was nursing my at-the-time six-month old while talking to her on the phone.

“I have breast cancer,” she said, very straightforwardly.

The words –which seemed to have come out of nowhere—sent me into a moment of shock and disbelief.

“Wait…what did you just say?” I asked.

She repeated the dreaded phrase in an ever-so-calm manner.

“I have breast cancer.”

My heart sank. This overwhelming sensation of sadness took over my entire body. My friend Jen is the most fit and healthy person I know. She’s a personal trainer, Pilates instructor, nutritionist, and the biggest health nut I’ve ever known. She was the last friend of mine I would EVER imagine telling me that she had cancer. But as we all know, cancer doesn’t care who you are or what you do…it can affect anyone. And believe me, I was beyond pissed that cancer came to mess with my girl who has been a big sister to me for the past 13 years. She was the first person I met in Los Angeles and has been my BFF ever since. From being in my wedding to witnessing my sons’ births, we’ve shared every milestone together for the last decade. (She also happens to be my husband’s personal trainer…and a phenomenal one at that!)

Jen’s sister, Netti, was also diagnosed with cancer just this past week. She has uterine cancer that has spread. Jen and Netti have a gene mutation that accelerates tumor growth (benign or malignant), and in order to turn off this gene mutation, they are seeking alternative treatment. Insurance does not cover this. They need to raise a lot of money in a very short period of time. I encourage you to read the attached link and support these lovely ladies no matter how big or small. Or if you should know of someone who may want to help, please forward the link along. Please keep them in your prayers. With deepest thanks.:)


Here’s the link:



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