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My Favorite Mommy Apps

August 23, 2015



As a member of the ‘two under two’ club, I’m constantly looking for tricks and ways to save time and make life a little easier. My days are often spent juggling the many hats of being a mom, wife, house manager, travel agent, accountant, nurse, maid, and chef here at La Casa de Ribeiro. I’m always game for a new app that can be helpful in these areas. Here are my top ten favorite ‘mommy’ apps for a little bit of everything:

  1. Google Photos. Being a mom who loves documenting everything about my kids and family, I take a gazillion photos. There are tons of photo storage apps out there, but I have found Google Photo to be my favorite. It has unlimited storage, and is absolutely free. I can access it from both my iPhone and my computer making it very convenient.
  2. Pocket. I am absolutely in love this app! Since we are constantly traveling, I have found this to be the best way to save my favorite web articles, videos, news stories and blog posts for offline reading. Whether I’m on an airplane or sitting in a waiting room with no wifi, it’s a fabulous resource to be able to catch up on all of my saved content.
  3. Evernote Scannable. This is hands down the most efficient and easy scanner app I’ve ever used. Simply, you open it up, lay a document down, and the app scans it. You are able to quickly transform any document into a high-quality scan ready to save or send as a JPEG or PDF file.
  4. Waze. What would I do without Waze living in Los Angeles? This app has served as one of my best time-savers. It’s a traffic and navigation app where drivers in your area share real-time traffic and road info. It constantly checks your route to ensure it’s the quickest course. Additionally, it will alert you to notifications such as a cop ahead, accidents, stopped cars on the shoulder, etc. It’s hands down the best way to outsmart traffic.
  5. Postino. I am always emailing and texting snapshots of my kids to family. However, every now and then, I enjoy sending an actual postcard of a photo from my phone. You simply pick the photo, select a border, type the address and message, sign it with your finger, and press the “send” button. The company prints your postcard and mails it for you while you cover the postage. It’s great for easy thank you note ideas, as well!
  6. I’ve discovered some amazing recipes on this app, and what I love best is that they include the nutrition information for each recipe. The spinner makes it fun to find new recipes along the guidelines of your choice (i.e. dish type, ingredients or desired cooking time).
  7. Shoeboxed. Since keeping paper clutter to a minimum is essential for me, I am constantly using this app to upload receipts. (I log both paper and online receipts on it.) Essentially, it allows you to photograph and track receipts, record expenses and categorize them. It’s easy to use and keeps all of my receipts and expenses perfectly organized.
  8. TimeHop. I literally open this app the first thing each morning. I love waking up and seeing what we were doing on this day in years past and telling my husband. “Awwww on this day last year, AJ rolled over for the first time.” Or, “We were visiting Grandma Mumzie in New York five years ago today.” (It backtracks the number of years you’ve had Facebook or any social media.) In a busy time when it’s all about now and always thinking ahead to the future, it’s nice to take a moment to reflect back on past events and posts.
  9. Mom Maps. This free app uses your phone’s location -or any address you type in- to find the nearest parks, playgrounds, restaurants, museums, and other kid-friendly locations. When our family was on the DWTS tour, I used this in almost every city. It was a wonderful resource that saved me plenty of research time.

What are some of your favorite apps?

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